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Collage Network is a col­lab­or­ative sup­portive community.

Collage Network helps people explore the meaning and tools of col­lab­or­a­tion — and to see oppor­tun­ities they might pre­vi­ously have overlooked.

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This month has been an important and exciting one in the devel­op­ment of Collage. As those of you who know me as well as being an acci­dental social entre­preneur I am also a reluctant blogger. Which is ironic as I … Continue reading

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THE world of work has changed. Forever.

Today, it is arguably tougher than at any time for many people to find employ­ment. And, even when you do, the crippling economic climate means you could soon lose it again — a soul-destroying process you might be doomed to repeat over and over.

But what if there was another way?

It’s true that tra­di­tional employ­ment is still seen by most as the only way forward. Yet in an age of tech­no­logy and improved com­mu­nic­a­tions, what if there was a way to link up with other people whose skills com­ple­ment your own and team up — or “col­lab­orate” — to everyone’s mutual benefit?

Let us introduce Collage Network, a social business which strives to offer exactly that.

We con­cen­trate on bringing together people who desire a new way of working — a model outside the customary cycle of approaching an employer, sending your CV, and hoping against hope you’ll be hired.

Through our expert workshops, practical advice, and a growing online and local com­munities, we will guide you towards the oppor­tun­ities you may have over­looked, and actively put you in touch with others who, through col­lab­or­a­tion, can help you progress your chosen goals. This could happen even while you’re still working, or are con­tinuing to pursue work, in the tra­di­tional way.

This new approach is the reason we call ourselves Collage — as in the Age of Collaboration. The old ways are failing. It’s time for you to adapt.

Join us at Matthew’s Yard on Monday Mornings for col­lab­or­ative con­ver­sa­tions or just to meet us and learn more about Collage.

Look out in 2014 for the addition of face-to-face meetings in both Central London and Bromley.

Contact us today to see what we offer and to find out more…

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