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Collage Network is a collaborative supportive community.

Collage Network helps people explore the meaning and tools of collaboration – and to see opportunities they might previously have overlooked.

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This month has been an important and exciting one in the development of Collage. As those of you who know me as well as being an accidental social entrepreneur I am also a reluctant blogger. Which is ironic as I … Continue reading

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THE world of work has changed. Forever.

Today, it is arguably tougher than at any time for many people to find employment. And, even when you do, the crippling economic climate means you could soon lose it again – a soul-destroying process you might be doomed to repeat over and over.

But what if there was another way?

It’s true that traditional employment is still seen by most as the only way forward. Yet in an age of technology and improved communications, what if there was a way to link up with other people whose skills complement your own and team up – or “collaborate” – to everyone’s mutual benefit?

Let us introduce Collage Network, a social business which strives to offer exactly that.

We concentrate on bringing together people who desire a new way of working – a model outside the customary cycle of approaching an employer, sending your CV, and hoping against hope you’ll be hired.

Through our expert workshops, practical advice, and a growing online and local communities, we will guide you towards the opportunities you may have overlooked, and actively put you in touch with others who, through collaboration, can help you progress your chosen goals. This could happen even while you’re still working, or are continuing to pursue work, in the traditional way.

This new approach is the reason we call ourselves Collage – as in the Age of Collaboration. The old ways are failing. It’s time for you to adapt.

Join us at Matthew’s Yard on Monday Mornings for collaborative conversations or just to meet us and learn more about Collage.

Look out in 2014 for the addition of face-to-face meetings in both Central London and Bromley.

Contact us today to see what we offer and to find out more…

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