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I owe this website a blog or two but, in my defence, I have been busy actually “doing and deliv­ering” since I last told you all what I was up to! (Which affords an obvious oppor­tunity for a willing volunteer to help update this blog and keep our online community informed and updated :-) )

Those following me on Twitter will have seen I was a guest on Croydon Radio’s Programme to mark International Women’s Day. I was con­trib­uting to their ‘Women Creating Social Change’ section (You can listen to the podcast here I’m 17 mins in!) Thanks to the presenter Bieneosa for inviting me again to con­tribute as Croydon Radio provides an important platform oppor­tunity for local people — and for important issues to be aired.

I also was lucky enough to secure a coveted place on a Prince’s Trust Prime Workshop. I had my first full day workshop last week and we had a fantastic trainer in Phil Ashford. I was drawn to this course as it seems to be one of the few I can see that tries to cover all aspects of starting a business. Up to now most have been piecemeal. It is also accred­ited (a fact which may or not be of import­ance to people, depending what you feel about accreditation!)

I was also inspired by the stories of my ‘class­mates’ — and already the first tentative steps towards col­lab­or­a­tion and mutual support are being made. The day was inform­ative and fun, but the real work starts now as we have a detailed assign­ment to complete before our next session on the 11th April. The course was held at AgeUK Croydon, which also gave me an oppor­tunity to see their premises and learn more about the community support they offer.

An unex­pected bonus for this mature student was that, for once, I was one of the youngest there!

Other news in brief:

Our Monday Morning Meetups continue at the dynamic Matthew Yard co-working space in Croydon. The free sessions run from 10:0012:30 Please just turn up and join in or call me to discuss if wanted.

Photos are soon to be added to the website and videos — hopefully in col­lab­or­a­tion with Brian C. Griffin from Aperture and Archetype !

On Tuesday 12th I attended a design thinking mas­ter­class on Design– led Innovation as part of the London Fusion programme. Working with Universities and financed by the European Regional Development Fund, London Fusion is a new two-year business support programme, for Digital and creative SME companies. I was fortunate enough to be intro­duced to the scheme by the excellent Centre for Creative Collaboration C4CC in North London.

Later today I am attending the London Creative and Digital Fusion Collaboration Workshop at SCAPE/Queen Mary, University of London, who are one of the project partners.

Last Tuesday evening, I attended a GlobalNet21 Meetup: Engaging Communities and Local Government. It was good to hear Croydon North MP Steve Reed talk enthu­si­ast­ic­ally about the c0-operative model…I hope our paths cross again soon so that with his help we can affect positive local change. “Less talk more action” is my mantra for this month! However, it was a bit dis­con­certing when the two MP’s jumped up and dashed to vote in the middle of the dis­cus­sion at the sound of the division bell. I’m delighted to say they did return!

Tomorrow, Friday 22nd I am looking forward to attending the UnLtd Star People cel­eb­ra­tion event. I will be trav­el­ling up with fellow ‘Star person” Sujata Sinha as we are looking to col­lab­orate and help each other achieve our respective targets as part of the Big Local scheme. (The Broad Green Area of Croydon is our Big Local area).

The above is just the bare bones of what has been happening over the past few week’s but I hope it gives you taster of what we are trying to achieve and what I’ve been up to. Always happy to meet up at Matthews Yard over a cuppa. So if you want to start a col­lab­or­a­tion con­ver­sa­tion with me or wish to learn more about Collage Network.…please don’t be shy!

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