We col­lab­orate with indi­viduals, groups & organ­isa­tions who wish to support those seeking employment

For the individual -

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For organ­isa­tions -

We offer a free 1½ hour workshop to employers ‘shedding staff ’

We offer tailor made redund­ancy packages for staff facing redund­ancy. (These may or may not also include the tra­di­tional skills such as improved cv writing and interview tech­niques alongside col­lab­or­ative working methods)

For sixth form collages and uni­ver­sities we offer workshops that offer an innov­ative and real altern­ative which com­ple­ments the tra­di­tional employ­ment paths and advice currently being given and which better prepares young­sters for the rapid and uncertain world of work which they now face.

Big, world-changing vision -

We aim that our workshops and Collaboration Groups will help people who would otherwise have been “scrapheaped” see their time of unem­ploy­ment (“pos­i­tioning or re-positioning them­selves in the work force, or leaving it early”) as a trans­form­ative and valuable life exper­i­ence. They would see them­selves and each other in a positive light as valuable people who are pion­eering new ways of working, which are appro­priate to our changing world. The work that people would do through the Collaborators Groups would be wide-ranging. At one extreme some Collaborators Groups will develop as teams of people working together there instead of in tra­di­tional jobs. At the other extreme, some Collaboration Groups will emerge as groups working for no financial reward but instead for community benefit. There will be all kinds of vari­ations in between.

Company number is 07951218

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