The workshops can be for indi­vidual enrolment or tailored to the needs of organisations.

Suitable for:

  • People who (through choice or necessity) are looking at the changing world of work
  • People with work exper­i­ence seeking new oppor­tun­ities for work
  • People looking for their entry point into the job market
  • People looking for new oppor­tun­ities to use/develop their skills and interests
  • Organisations making employees redundant
  • Organisations concerned with mental health issues related to isolation, depres­sion loss of con­fid­ence etc. resulting from unemployment

Our workshops relate to working and living in a period of rapid change and uncer­tainty — where col­lab­or­a­tion is key. They combine indi­vidual reflec­tion, small group dis­cus­sion, teaching on the wider issues, and oppor­tun­ities for personal planning.

We offer single workshops, or a series addressing the issues in greater depth. Our approach is modular. Courses can be designed for specific needs. Examples are:

  • “Stronger together — exploring the changing world of work” A practical intro­duc­tion for anyone who (through choice or necessity) is looking at these issues.
  • “You and the Changing World of Work” Repositioning yourself in a world where future work is uncertain but col­lab­or­a­tion is key. A new approach that goes beyond CVs and tra­di­tional job applications.
  • “Planning for Personal Learning” Understanding new approaches to education and training (thanks to the Internet) and con­sid­ering those oppor­tun­ities for your own interests and needs.
  • “Networking and digital foot­prints — the new CV Getting started on creating trust rela­tion­ships and making yourself visible
  • “Finding your way in the world of work” A series of three workshops held at Bromley Central Library. To be repeated.
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