Youth unem­ploy­ment, a case for a more local approach?

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Many thanks to Trevor Dance who shared the following inform­a­tion with the group at our Monday Meetup at Matthews Yard (040213) The figures below supports Collage’s belief that people are being trained for and hoping for non-existing jobs. We advocate … Continue reading

Networking tips

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Pay it Forward

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A big ‘thank you’ to fellow col­lab­or­ator Mike Orchard from Skills Hive for sharing this blog post with us. We look forward to the next one! When you have been fortunate enough to have found your route to success, the … Continue reading

A Great Disruption: Radio 4

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Thank you to Trevor Dance for Kindly telling us at the Monday MeetUp about this inform­ative and inter­esting BBC 4 radio programme which was broadcast on Saturday 13, October 2012: A Great Disruption, BBC Radio 4 Business radio program GlobalBiz … Continue reading

Rockstar Youth: 1824’s £2500 startup loan & mentoring

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I have just received this email with the following inform­a­tion about a £2500 Startup loan and free mentoring for 1824’s (and yes, I know sadly many of us are a ‘wee bit’ older than this) but if you know of … Continue reading

It’s not you it’s the system!

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Those of you who have know Pam and I over the last four years will have heard us repeat the above phrase a number of times during this period. It is now increas­ingly becoming ‘main­stream’ with the person in the … Continue reading

Word spreads worldwide

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I was inter­ested to see this blog post from “across the pond” which illus­trates how people are becoming globally aware that the world of work is changing — very much in line with our approach at Collage Network. It reads: … Continue reading

Citizen Journalism, Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment

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By Pamela McLean — a teacher-learner, who learns by doing and shares what she learns, co-founder of Dadamac — http://​www​.dadamac​.net I’m con­sid­ering “What is the relevance of Citizen Journalism to the project I’m currently helping to launch?” The project is … Continue reading

Is Experience the new Degree?

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I came across this excellent article by Rewan Tremethick on the HOT WILD FREE magazine. Check it’s about the graduate job market and the dif­fi­culty of gaining work experience.

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