Here you will begin to see some of the col­lab­or­a­tions that have emerged from Collage Network. These are just a few quick examples of positive outcomes from people who attended the first workshops or who have made contact with us… details to be added when Nikki gets a chance! As is so often the case we are busy actually doing and we have to stop and find the time to make visible and share what it is we do and what has already been achieved:-)

Our latest col­lab­or­a­tion can be seen at the Business4Better Exhibiton at Olympia with Fluid4Sight. Robert Wilson, Director says:

Our goal is to assist small busi­nesses to move into the Digital Age.
The majority of busi­nesses are still advert­ising and marketing as they have done for the last 20 years…using direct sales. However very few companies have a digital marketing strategy and even fewer have a mobile strategy in place. We have a couple of solutions that address these huge problems that small busi­nesses are facing today.

Please drop in and say ‘Hi to Robert and Nikki on stand B10 this Tuesday and Wednesday !

Fundraising event for the Stop the Traffic

Evie and Tony’s Collaboration Evie and Tony met at Collage-network’s three Bromley Library workshops , Tony as trainer and Evie as par­ti­cipant. After the first workshop and during the sharing back­ground unit, the two recog­nised that they shared an interest … Continue reading

Collage Network

Collage Network is itself the result of a col­lab­or­a­tion between Nikki Fishman and Pamela Mclean. Nikki Fishman and Pamela Mclean have been working closely together since 2008 as doc­u­mented on http://​dadamac​.net A Panorama programme titled “ Finished at Fifty” at … Continue reading


Pam and Nikki work with each other on other projects namely Dadamac. They have a long standing col­lab­or­ative rela­tion­ship with John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation. Despite the bandwidth and cultural chal­lenges they have been in weekly contact with this Nigerian … Continue reading

Global Sharing Day

Collage Network are once again proud to be an official partner of Global Sharing Day June 2nd 2013 However, Global Sharing Day has now itself partnered with the Big Lunch and Collage Network are delighted to be sup­porting Fatima Koroma … Continue reading

Collage Connect: CSR Programmes

Helping you strengthen your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy COLLAGE CONNECT — Connecting Work & Life by providing community-based activ­ities “Corporate Social Responsibility” is quite a long term and not always under­stood. In simple language, you as a business want to … Continue reading

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