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Helping you strengthen your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

COLLAGE CONNECT - Connecting Work & Life by providing community-based activ­ities
“Corporate Social Responsibility” is quite a long term and not always under­stood. In simple language, you as a business want to make the local community realise you care for them and would like to do something to make their lives better. It might sound small, but the impact can be huge — poten­tially even life-changing! Better still, this impact will be felt on both sides, enhancing both the community and your business.
So how can we help?
Many busi­nesses are seeking to become involved with community-based CSR activ­ities. Here are some examples they might consider:

  • Sharing employ­ab­ility skills with pupils who have learning difficulties.

At a school in Thornton Heath, South London, post-16 students with learning dis­ab­il­ities are getting ready to enter the pro­fes­sional world. They don’t know what lies ahead. Your knowledge and skills can help shape their future. Interested?

  • Sharing your computer skills with the older generation.

Older people in our community regularly hear about email, Skype, Facebook and Twitter, but often don’t know how to use computers. They would love to learn these skills in order to send emails to their kids in Australia or chat online with their grand­chil­dren in India. Can You Help?

  • Offering healthy eating tips to women and children.

Some community groups are looking for people who can advise on healthy eating tips. Can you help?

We always have requests for painting.…at the moment a Food bank and a Children’s Centre are seeking willing volunteers!

Undertaking CSR activ­ities can help your organisation:

  • Create a shared ethos among your team
  • Develop the workforce
  • Boost innov­a­tion and enthusiasm
  • Enhance trust
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Increase repu­ta­tion
  • Build a sense of par­ti­cip­a­tion & motiv­a­tion among employees.
  • Build sales
  • Interesting case studies for CSR reports & policies

At Collage Connect we can create a bespoke activity for your staff in any of the above areas and more. Please contact us for more inform­a­tion. In the first instance, please email our wonderful volunteer Sujata Sinha at csr@collage-network.co.uk or call Nikki Fishman on 0788 792 7515.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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