Collage Network

Collage Network is itself the result of a col­lab­or­a­tion between Nikki Fishman and Pamela Mclean.

Nikki Fishman and Pamela Mclean have been working closely together since 2008 as doc­u­mented on http://​dadamac​.net A Panorama programme titled “ Finished at Fifty” at the end of 2011 so incensed them and was the catalyst to setting up Collage Network in February 2012.

The programme implied that if you became redundant all you needed to do was to improve your appear­ance, brush up your CV and lower your expect­a­tions and somehow it was your own fault that you were still unem­ployed. The programme did not address the systemic changes in the world of work.

With unem­ploy­ment rising and less certainty than ever about future career paths, Collage Network offers a new solution. Called the Collage Model of Collaboration (CMC) it works like this:

Rather than pursuing the “old ways” of applying for work — and facing the like­li­hood of dimin­ishing returns in a shrinking jobs market — we encourage the jobless to utilise their personal skills, time, and enthu­siasm to col­lab­orate with others to develop bur­geoning networks of mini-organisations and companies, each with their own earning potential.

Our emphasis is on enabling those involved to be more proactive and take more personal control of their future opportunities.

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