Fundraising event for the Stop the Traffic

Evie and Tony’s Collaboration

Evie and Tony met at Collage-network’s three Bromley Library workshops , Tony as trainer and Evie as par­ti­cipant. After the first workshop and during the sharing back­ground unit, the two recog­nised that they shared an interest in the creative arts.

Evie, is studying for a English lit­er­ature degree with the Open University degree and is a pro­fes­sional singer and song­writer. Tony as well as being a qualified teacher is also editor of the online magazine called ‘Hot Wild and Free’.
Tony was organ­ising a fun­draiser for the charity Stop the Traffik backed by his magazine and asked for col­lab­or­ators at the workshop.Evie offered to perform for free at the upcoming event.

The chain of col­lab­or­a­tion goes further as Evie actually recom­mended and provided three of the acts for the talent evening, as well as intro­du­cing Tony to the sound engin­eering for the event. This was through Evie’s Music Technology contacts at Croydon College.

Tony organised the event and was able to get the venue for free.
Nikki from Collage-network helped to pub­li­cising the event, brought a couple of tickets and made sand­wiches for the per­formers and team!

Matt, one of the par­ti­cipants of the Bromley Collage workshop also attended the event and Pam from Collage-network brought a ticket despite being unable to attend due to a clash of engagements .

None of the people mentioned ever thought that they would be involved in the above when they first became involved in the first Collage-network workshops!

You can see a snippet of Evie’s per­form­ance on the night.

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