Global Sharing Day

Collage Network are once again proud to be an official partner of Global Sharing Day June 2nd 2013

However, Global Sharing Day has now itself partnered with the Big Lunch and Collage Network are delighted to be sup­porting Fatima Koroma of the Croydon Community Food Store. This is another great example of collaboration!

Global Sharing Day November 2012.….last year’s invite!

Co — Founder & Director Nikki Fishman of Collage Network and Manager of Dadamac will be at Matthews Yard 12:0013:00GMT (for your local time see The World Clock – Time Zone Converter )

An oppor­tunity to join our online monthly dis­cus­sion where we share our knowledge, inform­a­tion with our local and global networks. Internationally recog­nised John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation is planning to join us.

Nikki and Pamela Mclean have been con­necting online weekly for the past four years with this community in rural Nigeria. Serving an impov­er­ished host community the achieve­ments of John and his team are truly inspir­a­tional. Despite the serious conflict between the Muslim and the Christians in the region they have been sharing their stories weekly with Dadamac UK and a small taster of their amazing integ­rated devel­op­ment programme can be seen in Nikki’s weekly blogs.

People who Share usually share “stuff”- whereas people in Dadamac and Collage-network share time and knowledge. You can read more about the event which was reported by the Metro in a double page spread yesterday.

How to join in tomorrow’s chat:

It couldn’t be easier… as we are meeting online for a typed chat so all you need to do is to click here which will take you to an etherpad:

Please enter your name at the box on the top right hand side, then when you start to chat people will know who you are.

  • Type your chat into the chat space at the bottom of the screen (Right Hand Side)
  • No one will see your chat until you press the return or enter key.
  • You can type into the chat even if no-one else is here — people who arrive later will see what you have written.
  • Also find the “intro­duc­tions” heading (in this panel on the Left Hand Side of the screen) and type more about yourself. This side works like a word processor — you can edit what you have written, but please don’t edit what others have written.

( If you exper­i­ence any problems joining us please send Nikki Fishman an email or text/call mobile: 0788 7927515 )

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