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COLLAGE — Business & Community coming together!

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Paint brushes, bunting, sand­wiches and typical early Summer weather. Yes, Collage Connect broke new ground with its first official corporate social respons­ib­ility event … painting garden sheds for the New Addington Good Samaritans pop-in centre.

This team-building session saw the lovely staff from Croydon’s Oakam organ­isa­tion give up their valuable time to help brighten up their local community.

With pre-site visits and planning all done — and with the games and scrummy M&S sarnies safely packed – we all headed off to the site.

Once there, the Good Samaritan volun­teers and staff made us all very welcome and kindly provided us with ‘on-tap’ teas and coffees. The centre, which offers a community space for the elderly, was appar­ently quiet since many were on a day-trip to the seaside. Nevertheless there was still plenty going on what with an exercise class, lunch, a committee meeting and a darts match.

The team from Oakam showed us their superb mana­gerial skills by quickly organ­ising them­selves into two teams. And in minutes the race to paint two sheds was on! They proved a com­pet­itive and competent bunch and had soon excelled them­selves by also painting another two sheds, as well as rubbing down metal railings.

We then stopped for lunch and had a couple of team-building games. Amidst much laughter, it would be fair to say these helped staff members learn a great deal more about each other (in the nicest possible sense, of course!)

The day flew by and, after some good natured banter, the winning team was judged. Big thanks to all involved — espe­cially Sujata, our volunteer who brought all the parties together.

Comments from the Oakam staff who attended and photos to be added shortly!

One comment

  1. Sujata Sinha

    Thanks Nikki for making it happen.This what some of the Oakam Staff said,

    Fantastic exper­i­ence, Great team work, Good to get to know people even more”.
    Rinu Shah
    “I would def­in­itely love to do more things like this-really helped us bond​.It was well organised,perfect amount of time & good location,good to help community”.
    Sam Johnson

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