Silver Skills

Information source: Youth Enterprise Live


020 8532 2070

Silver Skills is a training company helping people of all ages, we noticed that there is a lack of inform­a­tion out there for young school leavers who struggle to find out about the real world of work. How to get into it, what employers look for, and what routes are open to them regarding work, training and education.

Coupled with today’s youth unem­ploy­ment issues meant that as a company we evolved into helping the youth of today in a more proactive way, find and explore all avenues into work, not just the obvious well spoken about routes.

Opening Doors is a 1-day event we host and hold in part­ner­ship with well known affil­i­ates that the youth of today can take inspir­a­tion from.

This event is designed to showcase as many career oppor­tun­ities and direct routes into work as we can, and with 5075 busi­nesses exhib­iting and over 1500 students attending free of charge, it’s fair to say that Opening Doors is an event not to be missed!

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