Start-Up Loans

Source: Youth Enterprise Live 2012


What is The Start-Up Loans Company?

The Start-Up Loans ini­ti­ative was created by Lord Young of Graffham, the Enterprise Advisor to David Cameron. With over a million young people unem­ployed and difficult oppor­tun­ities facing them as they look to their future, rarely do they consider enter­prise as a viable career option. Calling upon the expertise of serial entre­preneur James Caan to chair the Start-Up Loans Company, the ini­ti­ative has all the support and expertise it needs to help boost enter­prise amongst 1824 year olds across the country.

Start-Up Loans are not just about the money however. With young people

having little track-record in borrowing money, there is a huge focus on the mentoring that comes alongside the loan. Being able to access someone who has been on the entre­pren­eurs’ journey, who has been faced with similar decisions and chal­lenges pre­vi­ously, is invalu­able to anyone starting a business and provides a greater chance of being able to succeed if the mentoring programme is followed.

All you really need is passion, drive, determ­in­a­tion, resi­li­ence and the start-up loan package to launch your business – all you have to do is Apply!

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