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I am really pleased to announce that Collage Network and Wowsociety are now collaborating!

Having heard many good things about Wowsociety’s founder,Wahome Muchiri, from our mutual friend Pamela McLean, we finally met last year. Wahome has many admirable attrib­utes and skills but it was the clarity of his online platforms that impressed me! He manages to make com­plic­ated ‘techie stuff’ look and feel simple.

Rather than me try to explain what Wowsociety is. please read extracts from their about page below and check out their website

If you would like your project pub­li­cised freely on Wowsociety please send me an email (

Wowsociety is a showcase for cre­ativity at the grass­roots — where you find, follow and act on unique everyday oppor­tun­ities created by inde­pendent pioneers around the world.

We are focused on building a free, open and beautiful service that’s useful for everyone.

  • For pioneers running inde­pendent projects around the world: share your original creations, no matter the passion, and promote your work be it a business, non-profit, research, hobby or otherwise
  • For helpful folks anywhere: discover an eclectic mix of everyday products, exper­i­ences and other oppor­tun­ities that match your interests, and support local ingenuity around the world across the arts, public service, education, health, tech­no­logy, envir­on­ment, media, lifestyle and more

Our core purpose is to unlock the creative potential for ordinary people every­where to make things happen.

The name blends wow and society to illus­trate our vision of an inspiring place filled with the creative output of a grass­roots economy with a sense of humanity — by and for the people. As a small team from different corners of the earth, we are global citizens first, fueled with passion to build a great service that rewards anyone who iden­ti­fies with our vision.”

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